Day 162: let me elaborate

Yesterday, I had said that we went to Six Flags Great America with the kids on Monday. I wanted to talk a little more about this. So, both of my children are on the Autism spectrum…. complete opposite ends of the Autism spectrum.

Boy Child does pretty well with waiting, lines and some day to day stuff. He’s a super smart kid and has come A LONG way in his skill set. He really lacks in regulating his emotions, social relationships, and independent daily living skills (he can barely make himself a sandwich).

Girl Child is pretty much awful when it comes to waiting in line. When she is done with something, she starts to giggle, scream, hit, and run. She, too, has come a LONG way in her skill set. However, I’m always hyperaware of their areas of opportunity so I’m constantly trying to work on those things.

Anyway – Great America.

If you’ve ever been to an amusement park, you know that waiting in line for a ride can vary from 30-90 minutes plus. Considering how awesome Girl Child is at waiting, I did my research before we went. Six Flags GA offers an Attraction Access Pass for people with special needs. It’s super cool! We’re REALLY glad we did this. We tried waiting in line for one ride when we got there (the wait was only 15 minutes) and as soon as we got in line, Doods started to act out so we jumped ship and decided to use our pass.

What the pass does is it removes the waiting in line part. There is a designated wait time on your pass (which is the average wait time for rides that day at the park). For us, it was 30 minutes. We went on a ride at 1145am. We couldn’t go on the next ride until 1215p. During that half hour, we could roam the park, go on carnival rides, play at the arcade, eat – whatever. Once that half hour elapsed, we would go to our designated area for the ride of our choice and climb aboard. No line! It was so great!

We didn’t experience any hitting, dropping to the ground, screaming, eloping – nothing! The access pass was greatly appreciated and definitely was a huge asset to help make our trip a success. Thanks GA!

In other news…

I have been having strange and unpleasant dreams this whole week. I’ve been sleeping, which is nice – but it’s been full of weirdness. When I wake up, I feel tired and off. I try to shake it off and get on with my morning routine. Usually forcing my kids to love me in the morning helps too ; ) So does coffee. Coffee almost always wins that game.

I have insurance again, which is nice. The not nice part is now that it’s being taken out of Handsome Husband’s work check, we can’t really save those dollars for the house. ; ( Road block.

I’m still waiting to get approved by the state as a provider. Road Block. I knew at the outset this could easily take 3-6 weeks because Illinois is an AMAZING state. It’d be really great if that approval could come soon so I could start working. We could really use those dollars. Especially with the wedding party coming up and this whole insurance thing.

The countdown to the BCBA is getting real. 10 more days. The anxiety is real. I study at every opportunity I get and I still feel like it’s not enough. My program, in retrospect, wasn’t that great and didn’t really prepare us like it should have. I did, however, have a wonderful and supportive supervisor for my practicum. She was an absolute blessing in my life. Not only did she support me throughout my BCBA practicum, but she was a mentor for my life. I was having a really rough go with work and she was a light in the dark. I’m very grateful for her.

My goal is to get this work project done today so it can get presented tomorrow at our company meeting. I should be able to achieve that, depending on the flow of store traffic and cake production. I didn’t take any pictures yesterday and I feel bad about it. We actually had someone call and ask if we took any pictures because there was an incident with their cake during transit. I felt so bad. I love taking pictures of the cakes – doesn’t matter how extravagant or mundane they may seem. Each cake has meaning to someone. While it may not be much to us – it can be the world to another person. I love when people come in to order a cake, look through the iPad and go, “Oh my god! That’s my cake!!” That moment of joy is absolutely worth it.

Allright, I need to get back to studying and drinking this coffee before I head out to work.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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