Day 151: there be dragons

Hello interwebs friends! I hope everyone is doing well today.

I didn’t have a great night’s sleep last night, so I’m dragging a little bit. I woke up yesterday and felt sad for no immediately apparent reason. My wonderful husband thinks it’s just all the stress from preparing for the BCBA exam and everything. Very possibly.

I’ve been able to go out and spend some time with friends lately, which is nice. Kevin is super understanding and almost kicks me out the door sometimes to go be social. I actually really appreciate it. Otherwise, I would be stuck in my hermit study-like state. This weekend is a big social weekend – we have Kevin’s brother’s wedding (Woo! I still have no idea what I’m going to wear), a pre-birthday float trip (which will include studying in the car), working on my actual birthday, and Great America with the kids on Monday (which will also include studying in the car). I’ve got my last two study group sessions this week on tomorrow and Thursday. Then my lovely groupmates take the exam on either the 7th or 8th, while I’ll have another two weeks before I take the exam on the 21st.


I’ve really enjoyed study group. The ladies are so wonderful, positive, passionate and intelligent. I’ll miss seeing them every week, for sure. Hopefully we can still get together once a month or so to catch up and talk shop.

I’ve been spending a lot of time this past week making ABA “Quick Sheets” for our group. We are all super visual people so I’ve been trying to put the information/concepts out there in a visual way that will make it easier to digest and remember. It’s been fun! In a way, it kinda makes me want a Mac. Doing graphic stuff is SO much easier on a Mac than a PC. Thank you, work! ; ) However, I’ve been making do with Google Draw which is a super neat little program to do basic graphic stuff on.

By spending time with my nearest and dearest lately, I’ve been reminded of eevverrryytthiiinngg that’s left to do for the wedding… which I’m not going to really think about until AFTER the exam. Then it’s a really big push to get everything done by party time. However, we have my bachelorette party and the wedding shower I have to think about. Bachelorette Party is the weekend right before the exam (I have to order my cake for this tomorrow) and the Wedding Shower is the week after the exam (gotta make peach cobblah and order some tasty pastries for that one). I have to talk to my super awesome friend about the invitations ’cause those will need to get sent out in September… which means I need to hammer down times and start developing the itinerary.


Already, the anxiety!

Anyway. Kevin has been super wonderful (as always) over the past week. I hurt my foot somehow and he’s been an absolute doll. When I come home, he knows I need to study and my foot hurts, so he is at the ready to make dinner and hand over some IBU Profen. He’s a wonderful man.

In other news, we went to the park the other day…. the new equipment is really great! The crowd still sucks though. It re-emphasized how ready I am to have a CLEAN backyard. You know, one without broken glass or used condoms or punk ass kids dropping N-bombs in front of small children. That’ll be real swell. Gimme that half acre, a fence and a giant ass trampoline and we are GOOD.

God willing, we will be spending Christmas at the new house. It can’t come soon enough.

Yesterday we went to the zoo and saw the dino exhibit. It was super fun! Girl child was NOT a fan of the T-Rex, though. She also wasn’t a fan of the seagulls when we were checking out the penguins. Boy child, for whatever reason, was SO. FUCKING. OBNOXIOUS. ALL. DAY. As soon as we got there he started asking about lunch. It was 945 am, friends. All morning: What time is it? Is it time for lunch? I think it’s time to eat.


We eventually got lunch at, you know, LUNCHTIME and then he changed to: I miss Gamma and Pepper.



Children. They’re lovely. Really. Have eight. You’ll love it.

Honestly, it could have been worse. We have had much much MUCH worse adventures. Comparatively to the past, this would be considered a tremendous success. That may explain why I was so easily irritated yesterday with his behavior. They have both been doing so great on adventures that this one stuck out like a sore thumb.

Today we are back to normal. Girl child’s hanging out in her jammies watching VeggieTales, Boy child’s in his jammies playing legos, and I’m in my jammies typing this entry and studying. Ah, life.

OH! Another thing that happened! A customer said a nice thing about me on our facebook page! Isn’t that neat? That’s so neat. One of my co-workers shared the post in our group and I went AH! I DESIGNED THAT CAKE!…. AH! That’s ME they’re talking about! NEAT!

If I didn’t say it…. I think it’s pretty neat ; 3

Allright, I need to get back to generating quick sheets, studying, and drinking more coffee. Before I go, here’s a picture of us escaping a dragon at the zoo:



Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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