Day 144: when worlds collide

Quite a bit has transpired over the past few days, so I’ll do my best to recollect and share.

Saturday was a really interesting day. Kevin had his non-bachelor shared Bachelor Party with his brother that day, so he and I didn’t do much talking until the next morning when he so wonderfully informed me that he was, indeed, alive and functioning as a human person. Those kinds of messages are always appreciated, particularly when the person in question is out for an evening of maleficence and debauchery…. well earned and deserved maleficence and debauchery, BUT maleficence and debauchery nonetheless.

Saturday was interesting. Work is typically interesting what with some of the characters and interesting orders we have come through the building, but it had a few… moments… that made it a lil’ extra.

As we know, I make some pretty dope cookies and Saturday was a freshly baked delivery day at the bakery. Now, my bosses are pretty fuckin’ cool, let me tell you what. They really are. So I was making my rounds and I had a trade off with another employee – a cookie today for a brownie in his next batch. Pretty solid deal, right? So, I walk past him and put a cookie in front of him and he starts laughing and says, “Thank you!” I said, “you’re welcome! Don’t eat it now, eat it at home.” No sooner than I turned my back, what did he do? Oh, you know he did – he ate that cookie in one fell swoop. Now, I didn’t find out about this till later but apparently, here’s what happened:

He was doing his work and about, oh, twenty minutes after eating it, he says to the pastry chefs, “I don’t feel anything. I don’t think it’s woorrrkkingg.” As soon as the last word came out of his mouth, the fun hit. Soon after, he crouched down behind the fridge, scared our dishwater and proceeded to laugh until tears for the next twenty minutes. Here’s a grown ass man, crouched down in TEARS, laughing at how he just scared the dishwasher. Good. That made my day.

Beyond that, I was sitting at my station working when all of a sudden I hear my name. I turn to look and it’s a lady I used to work with at my old job. She’s an absolutely lovely person and a fantastic advocate; it was wonderful to see her. It’s also pretty neat that our wedding days are literally a day a part ; ) Anywho. We played catch up, found out that even more people left, more people aren’t hired and people are swiftly approaching burn out. It made me sad to hear that, but really glad that I made my choices.

She and I wrapped up our conversation, said our goodbyes and went our merry ways.

A little while later I was hobbling out of the back (because apparently I don’t know how to walk in a park and sprained my toe a few days ago) and I see my new boss and her two daughters hanging out. She’s a super great lady, so it was really nice to see and speak with her for a little while. We talked about the exam, how you have to immerse yourself in the world right before you take it then you can relax and how she believes I will do just fine. Phew. She said I should get myself a cake just for taking the exam, hah! It’s not such a bad idea…

So she and I wrapped up our conversation, said our goodbyes and went our merry ways.

It was getting close to closing time and I was helping a customer when another person walked up to the counter and signed in. After a moment, the lady in waiting said, “Who can I talk to about ordering a cake?” I said that would be me and I’ll be with you in just a moment. As I wrapped up with the customer, she came walking around from behind her, very slowly, with a crinkled-nose “I know you” face…. I looked at her, smiled and said, “I know you.” She said a word and I went, “Yup! I used to work with you at my old job!” Then we proceeded to catch up. She said “I was wondering what happened to you! I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from you in a while!” I told her what had happened and what I’m doing now. She said, “You know, I don’t blame you – I’m looking to get out, myself. You were just so good at what you did – really. You are such a fierce advocate and did so much good for everybody, it’s a shame they didn’t support you enough. But, you know, I KNOW you will be so great in this new position. You will be amazing and help so many people. I’m so happy for you. Hopefully, you’ll be working with some of my guys because then I know they’re in good hands.”

Close the book. Bye.

The amount of unsolicited validation that has come to me since I’ve been at the bakery has been tremendous. I almost can’t handle it. I put so much of my self in to what I did and I know I was so damned good at it. I made things happen for people. GOOD things. NECESSARY things.

I still do and still will but this time? It’s going to be on MY terms. I still have to worry about the bureaucratic bullshit – that just comes with the territory… and living in Illinois. But it’ll be in a different way – a much more manageable way, a significantly less stressful way. I can do that.

On my way home from work, I stopped at Target because I had to get some things. Maybe that was Friday. Friday I stopped at Target to get somethings and as I was walking through, I saw somethings that I absolutely had to get for the ladies in my study group. They have been working so freaking hard this summer and I am beyond proud of how much knowledge they have gained, it has to be celebrated. So I will. I know they read this, so I can’t say what exactly but I’ll tell you after tomorrow ; ))) Let’s just say, the behavior analyst in me lost it’s G-D mind in the middle of Target, by myself.


Saturday night I had dinner with my Mom, which was really nice. We had a FFFAAABBUUULLOOOUSSS waiter. He kept calling us “love bugs” and “boo boo.” I was giggling even without the assistance of cheap sangria coming my way. We had a really nice time, then headed home to a wonderful pup.

We have been leaving Pepper uncrated for longer periods of time and she has been doing FAN-FREAKING-TASTICALLY. We are super proud of her. Ideally, we’d like to not crate her at all while we’re gone for the day. I think we could actually get there.

Sunday was a lovely day, too. I woke up and my toe was throbbing, so I knew we weren’t really going to be friends all day. So I remained hobble-mchobbleston all day. But that’s okay, I worked with some amazing people who were super awesome when it came to closing time. Now, I don’t know about some others, but I love to work and I also like to GTFO at closing time. Sundays are more intense than other closing days because it means a whole lot of cleaning and handling all of the waste products from the week. Usually it means we are there till at LEAST 430/445. Well, guys, let me tell you. With this ballin’ ass team I had on Sunday? We were all packed up and ready to roll by 415. We closed at 4. All I had to do was close the drawers. They knew I was hurtin’ from not knowing how to walk like a normal person, so they took care of everything else. I couldn’t thank them enough.

Teamwork, y’all. When you help others, it comes back to you. Shit, just be NICE to others and it will come back to you. I really do like and appreciate all the people I work with.

Hey, I even got to practice writing on cakes again! It’s been a few years, but a little bit of practice and I’ll be back at it like nothin’ ever happened.

Of course, I can’t forget to talk about the Marble Maze cake. I know I’ve mentioned it at least one other time – but I took this order about a month back for a Marble Maze cake for a boy with Autism. Well, they came to pick up yesterday and it brought the Mom to tears. Which then brought me to tears. I couldn’t be happier that they liked it. I really hope they send us pictures or video of him with his cake. After all the set up, here is Marble Maze cake:


Pretty fuckin’ cool, right? It actually works, too. We did allllll kinds of test runs with this thing to make sure that by the time it got to him, he would be able to do what he loves best – play marble maze on his birthday. ; )

This is why I love what I do.

Today was just a chill day. I put the finishing touches on my FBA/BIP to submit to the state so I can become an approved provider with my new company and hung out with my kids – cuddles and Lego Marvel Avengers (super excited for the new one to come out!). Now it’s time to make some burgers for dinner so that when my handsome husband comes home, all he has to do is grill ’em up.

I hope ya’ll are doing well!

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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