Day 140: on the up and up

Good things happen to those who wait… and work their ass off.

True story.

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you guys that I got hired by an ABA company? That’s still happening. It takes a little while because of paperwork, getting approved by the state, so on and so forth, but the start day is near. I recently got an email with what my pay rate will be and my jaw literally dropped. I will be over doubling my income in half the amount of hours doing what I love.

I will work at the bakery and do ABA and live a comfortable life.

Like… on my drive to pick up the kids after work yesterday, I started to tear up. I thought about the new house, I thought about the updates we need/want to do, I thought about decorating, I thought about vacations! VACATIONS!! We will be able to afford vacations!!! You guys, vacations.

We won’t have to be strapped or paycheck to paycheck. We can breathe. That is so amazing. It’s a position in life that I’ve dreamed about for YEARS. Living modestly and comfortably with the ability to travel and experience life/the world… Oh man. The future is looking pretty good.

Of course, we still need to get the down payment together for November. It’s just nice to know that once we are IN the house, we won’t have to worry about what needs to be done TO the house – that we will be able to take care of it, essentially, without worry.

Yesterday at the bakery was a good day. The day before was pretty great too. I went home sick on Saturday because I had a resurgence of the plague. I was super bummed because I really wanted to see the finished product of this Wheel of Fortune cake.


Did I tell you guys about the WOF cake? In short: I was kind of obsessing over this WOF cake. There was something about it that kept calling to me. After a few days of doing some CSI, a decorator said, “You have a sixth sense… that cake? Is for a boy with Autism.”


Part of my job at the bakery is to take pictures of our cakes, edit and post them on our Flickr. I *love* this part of my job! Anywho, I was super stoked about this WOF cake, but I had to go home and miss it. I was super bummed. I came in on Tuesday and my boss gave me the nicest compliment and said, “By the way, I took a picture of that WOF cake for you – I know you had a thing about it.” I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and kindness. It meant so much.

Yesterday was a really great day, too. I took a cake order about a month ago for birthday cake. Of course, it’s not just ANY birthday cake, it’s a birthday cake for a boy with Autism. This little boy LOVES to do marble mazes – like the Mouse Trap kind. His parents brought in this really neat design that involved wrapping the pieces around the cake and, me being me, I said, “Yeah, we can do that!”

I told the decorator who was assigned the cake, that I would help out with putting the pieces together. So, I grabbed the big ol’ grocery bag of pieces, laid them out on some tables, nabbed the dummy cakes and started at it. As my co-workers would walk by, they would stop and play and put things together which was AWESOME. It turned in to like a whole bakery project. Literally, sales, café, our chef, a pastry chef, decorators – just about everyone got involved in the process. It was so awesome to see everyone get involved in this cake for this boy. I know it will bring him so much joy. We all had fun putting the marble in the top and watching it wind down and around the cake. We *know* it will be wonderful for him ; ) It will wrap around and the marble will land on a cupcake at the very end. I’ll be sure to post a picture or video when it’s done.

I just really love that people voluntarily helped with this cake. I was planning on taking a better part of a day to get it figured out. With everyone’s help? Less than two hours. Teamwork is amazing. And greatly appreciated.

Speaking of teamwork, another awesome thing that happened on Tuesday was at my study group. I surprised my study group with a visit from another classmate (who recently passed the BCBA exam) and one of our professors! It was really great. My surprise classmate knew about the professor, The professor didn’t know about the classmate and my study group didn’t know about either one. Everyone was so happy and excited to see each other, it made my heart smile. We had a really great discussion about study strategies, test strategies, expectations, etc. We decided to double up on sessions over the next few weeks, since the ladies are taking the exam on August 8th. My test day is August 21st. Fingers, toes, eyes, and legs crossed for a passing score for everyone!

Lot of good things so far this week. Hopefully the rest of the week follows suit.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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