Day 137: huzzah

Yesterday, Boy Child, Handsome Husband, and I made our yearly trek to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. It was absolutely lovely all day. The weather was about 70, partly cloudy and breezy. Absolutely perfect. On the way home, Hubs and I agreed – if it was any warmer, I would not have made it through the day. We are both super grateful for the weather.

As always we had a super fun time! One our favorite things to do is the RenQuest, which is a live action game you can play throughout the day. You try the different classes (Bard, Rogue, Mage & Warrior) then decide on which one you want to pursue. Each week, you can go back and extend the story, learn more about your class, etc etc. I wish we lived closer so we could go back more often and continue the quest. We are typically only able to go once a year, but the RenQuest gives more purpose and direction to the day. You get to experience things that you otherwise wouldn’t get to. You get to interact with all the players, it’s super neat.

Two years ago, BC tried being a warrior, last year he tried being a mage, this year I think we stumbled upon his calling as a rogue. The Rogue he trained with was so funny and positive, he truly helped it make an enjoyable experience. BC did an awesome job with all his tasks – sword fighting, story telling, “borrowing”, and casting a Confusion spell. He got to assist with the final scene, too. He was charged with making sure the “bad” guys didn’t get away. He took his job VERY seriously.

We were highly entertained all day. ; )

We decided to start a RenFaire jar once we get in the new house. We can collect change all year so we can get super cool stuff at the faire. We are going to start building BC’s costume with the accessory pieces first, since he has some growing to do yet. Kevin says I should be a pirate wench. We don’t know what he is going to be yet, but it’ll be somethin’ good I’m sure. HE should be a bard. That man can weave some tales. Funny tales at that.

This year’s cool crap haul included a drinking horn, a wooden mug, and a wand (guess who got what?). Can’t wait for next year! Hopefully we will get to the RenFaire again this year so we can play another episode of the quest. Time will tell.

In other news, I’m not certain there is other news…. I got my approval letter to take the BCBA exam, I have a really fun surprise for my study group tomorrow, we are still saving for the house, the wedding day is getting closer (ee!), and things are just kinda cruising along. I have to get BC to the doctor for his school physical/dental soon. I can’t believe he is going to be in 6th grade. SIXTH grade. When did that happen? I feel like they were just babies.

One cannot stop the passage of time.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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