Day 134: dear 8 pound 6 oz newborn infant Jesus

I officially got my approval to sit for the BCBA exam this morning! A wave of excitement and panic has been surging through my body since I saw the email. I registered and August 21st is test day. Dear sweet golden fleecy baby Jesus, let me pass this exam. Quite a few things are riding on the passage of this exam and I don’t really want to pay another testing fee, hah!

Boy Child is still sleeping off the sickness. Either that or it’s kick-starting the life change of puberty. Speaking of which, that kid had me DYING the other day. He will usually ask if I took any fun cake orders. Well, I told him that someone came in and ordered a cake in the shape of a peep. Not a marshmallow peep but a male person’s peep. He laughed so hard and was like, “OH THAT’S SO GROSS…… It’s not for a kid is it?” I laughed and said, “No, dude, it’s not for a kid.” He breathed a sigh of relief and went, “Oh good, ’cause I was gonna say….. wait. Why would someone want a cake in that shape???!!” The whole process of him thinking it through was hysterical. Then he says something like “Oh, I saw the video in 5th grade and it’s GROSS.” I asked him what he saw in the video. His reply was, “you know, adult stuff.” I said, “well, I *am* an adult so it’s OK for you to talk to me about that kind of stuff.” That’s when the conversation petered out and resumed to watching Frasier.

That kid loves Frasier.

It’s probably the only show that we have watched, sitcom wise, that he really gets. He likes Futurama and sometimes The Office, but he has really gotten in to Frasier. It makes total sense – it’s an intellectual humor show. There’s not much body language to watch or subtle humor or sarcasm – it’s straight dialogue and situational comedy. He GETS it. It’s funny to hear him laugh and see what he finds funny.

He is so super excited about the Ren Faire. Again, funny kid – we were at dinner on Wednesday talking about the Ren Faire. I said hey we need to get you a new wand (last year, he picked one out and it promptly got chewed up by Pepper). He said, “but doesn’t that cost money?” My Mom, Kevin and I were like…. Dude, if we are OFFERING to buy you something, don’t worry about what it costs – just say, “yeah, thank you!” and roll with it. He’s so interesting. He can be overly mindful and cautious, then be the most selfish and jerkish kid on the planet. Ah well.

Then there’s Doods. Eating the breakfast of champions: goldfish and cheese & an ear of corn. God help me. At least she is independent enough to make her own food when she’s hungry. However, she *did* use her tablet to ask Kevin for breakfast this morning, so I’ll take it! Baby steps.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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