Day 133: down with the sickness

Well, the great summer plague of 2017 has begun to attack more victims.

The kids were on vacation with their Dad for the past week. When they came back, Boy Child and their Dad said Kaylee had thrown up and was sick for two days of the vacation. All was well and good yesterday until right after bedtime, Boy Child puked. Poor kiddo threw up a second time last night and is completely passed out. Thankfully this only lasts about two days which is great because we have biiiiiiiiiggg plans for the weekend.

This weekend, Husband, Boy Child and I are taking our annual trip….. to the REN FAIRE!!! Super excited. It’s a place where BC can be amongst his own kind.

That’s one of BC’s great qualities: he does not feel bad about who he is or what he likes. There were two kids about his age yesterday that came in to get birthday cakes. They had NO idea what to get and/or were afraid to ask for what they want…. when they finally decided it was very clear that they were picking things that appeased their Moms. The Moms, interestingly, couldn’t understand why their kids had such a hard time picking what they wanted. All I could think of is Boy Child and how when asked what kind of cake he would want, he could give you 8000 ideas – each one weirder than the next. And it’s great. We are proud of him and how he is growing.

I had a surprise for the kids when they came home yesterday. I traded in the old iPad for two tablets. I opted for an iPad Mini for Doods and a Samsung Tab A for Boy Child. I put TouchChat software on it for her and still have some more programming to do. Now they won’t have to wait and share. She has access to it whenever she wants. We used the TouchID so only the few of us have access. Boy Child does NOT have access to Kaylee’s tablet. ; )

Forward progress for the chirrens.

In other news, I taught a class on Tuesday.  I was a guest teacher regarding ABA and Sustainability. I put together a presentation regarding Research Proposals (because anyone in ABA and/or grad school can tell you the importance of how to write a research proposal and/or paper) and my own Sustainability proposal. I walked them through the process and utilized their own real life scenarios. It went really, really well! I felt very comfortable with the vocabulary and questions that were coming at me. I know that if I wasn’t correct, the professor would have chimed in and corrected me…. that didn’t happen.

Afterwards, the class said thank you and it was super helpful. Some said they felt like they learned more last night than they have so far in the whole program. Others said that I should teach collegiate level. And one… well, one said, “Look, I think it’s great if you wanna decorate cakes or whatever because it makes you happy, but you have a real gift that should be shared.”

It’s still sticking with me.

I don’t feel bad about my choices. I’ve had to go through a lot to find a happy balance in my life. I love what I do at the bakery. I love that I’m ok and not great at it. I love that I learn and defer to others and work on a team. I love that I get to draw and create every day for people’s life moments. It’s wonderful and I love it.

I love my weekly study group. Not just because they are a fantastic group of ladies who radiate positivity, but also because I love teaching and assisting. I love seeing that “OH MY GOD, I GET IT NOW” moment. It feels so good to see confidence lifted and progress being made. I’m so proud of these ladies and I wait for the day in October when I get the message saying, “I PASSED THE EXAM!” Because, really, I *know* they will.

It puts a lot of pressure on me to pass the exam myself. I don’t always do well on tests, so I am concerned and have anxiety regarding that. Ultimately, I want to pass the exam so I can work as a Level 1, then get my supervisor certification so I can supervise and someday – teach. I would still like to obtain my PhD someday, but now is not the time. Maybe in a decade or so, once the kids are done with school and on their way as adults, I’ll have more time and can continue my quest to have all the letters surrounding my name. ; )

I still feel good about turning down the doctorate program. I feel super good that I got accepted but now’s just not the right time. My kids still need me a whole lot and I really want to get in to the house this fall. I’m so excited to have our own space with a yard and everything. I can’t wait to have a garden and compost.

In doing the sustainability proposal, I learned a lot about what I really should be doing to help my self and the future be more successful. We do what we can with where we are, but I’m beyond excited to have these opportunities and to teach my kids these important skills. I can’t wait to really teach them about living in a way that is environmentally conscious and develop skills that will help them be even more independent as they get older. To be able to harvest their own food – oh, man. That’s so great.

I’ve just had a lot going through my mind over the past few days and it’s generated a lot of anxiety. Kevin is wonderful. He could tell something was going on last night and that something wasn’t quite ok. So we laid and bed, he listened to me purge and then BC puked. I came back, laid down and he said, “You are a really good mom. You’re doing a really great job with them.” That made me feel good. He’s a wonderful man.

Back tracking a little bit, my ABA study group was too funny. On Monday, one lady goes, “Melinda, you should start a blog!” I said, “I have one!” lol They also suggested starting a Teachers Pay Teachers with some of the resources I have come up with to share. Not a bad idea at all. It’s something I definitely may start doing. I have all kinds of things that I have created that I would be happy to share. It’s all about sharing and the success of others. People helping people.

I hope you all have a great day.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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