Day 130: updates

I’m sitting and syncing my iPad in an effort to back everything up before heading to Best Buy for a trade in.

Over a YEAR ago, I started the process for Kaylee to get a device. She had the trial, we did the meetings, submitted the paperwork and for OVER A YEAR we have heard nothing. Complaints were made. Nothing happened. The deal is: Doods is on state aid. The state currently has about 24 providers and they are going own to like 4. They’ve known this for the past year and have been dragging out the process so that no payment will be made.

It’s all about money.

Because the state is so incredibly in debt, because the insurance companies are all about making money – this little girl remains without a voice. I made the conscious decision months ago that if this doesn’t pan out, to bite the bullet for an iPad mini and speech output software. Thankfully I know how to navigate the programs from my teaching experience. It’s a set back for the house, but Kevin and I agree on it’s importance. Every day she doesn’t have a device is a day she doesn’t progress forward as much as she could.

So, soon enough I’ll trek over to Best Buy and get a tablet for her and one for boy child. They don’t have to worry about sharing, she doesn’t have to wait for her voice, everyone wins.

We are going to need so much for the new house. Furniture and kitchenware for an entire house, for example. The first goal is getting the down payment. Then we move in to a house with almost nothing in it…. But at least it will be ours, right? Baby steps, I suppose.

I don’t have too much to report these days, which is all right. I’ve still been recovering from being sick. Yesterday was super busy at work so I didn’t get to eat until the day was over. User friendly tip: if you haven’t eaten all day, don’t eat a super heavy meal very quickly. It’ll make you want to puke for the rest of the night.

Allright, time for tablets.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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