Day 120: a minute discourse on boy child

Home again today recovering from the great summer plaque of 2017. I’m feeling a little better today, but I know that game – here, feel a little bit better, now go overdo yourself so you come crashing down. Nuh uh, not playing that game. My tummy is still sour and that could pass any time…. annny time.

My son is an interesting little dude. His brain works in the most interesting of ways – sometimes good and sometimes worrisome. Apparently yesterday morning, he had a bit of a moment… Who knows what triggered it, but he was flipping out about those whom he has lost in his life and then started freaking out saying that I didn’t love him, am gonna kick him out, and not teach him how to be an adult or how to buy a house…. Apparently this is how his brain interprets “after high school, you’ll move out and go to college, then move out of the house and live on your own.” But, you know, hey…. The nice thing is that he talks about what his deal is.

I worry about him for two reasons:

  1. The fact that he creates this extreme scenarios in his head
  2. That he acts out because of them

That shit can get you in to REAL trouble with the WRONG people as you get older. I’m glad he talks to someone, though. And, also important: he listens.

He really is a good kid, he just has his moments. It’s those moments that make me worry about him. Hopefully he continues to talk with us as he gets older so we can continue to help him navigate through these situations. With the onset of puberty swiftly approaching: God help us.

Allright, time to try and nap.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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