Day 113: hair today, gone tomorrow

I *love* getting my hair done. It feels so good to get that fresh shave – it’s like a weight gets lifted whenever you cut your locks.

Finding a great stylist is actually a pretty difficult feat. A lot of people can cut hair, but not everyone can color and CARE for your hair the right way. I’ve gotten chemical burns on my scalp a few times from people who didn’t really pay attention or weren’t the most knowledgeable about the process. When my main stylist had surgery and then went on maternity leave, I had to find a new stylist. I know quite a few people in the industry, so I really had my pick of the litter. I opted to try my fellow pole sister, Amanda.

She works at a salon that’s like a solid hour from me but, let me tell you guys, it has ALWAYS been worth the drive. Every time I see her, not only is her lovely face and personality good for the soul, but I learn from her about proper care and management. She teaches me about what I can do to make sure I have a healthy head and hair. She teaches me about the composition of hair and, essentially, why we do what we do. I love that she takes the time to explain it to me… and make me look fabulous at the same time ; D

Getting your hair done is good for your soul. I always get color done. Over time the color fades, your hair grows out, and you look kinda like a slag… you kinda start to feel like one too. But once you get that fresh cut and color? Maaaannn, you feel like you can take on some shit and make it happen like a boss.

Good stuff.

Along with getting my hair done, yesterday was FULL of good things. I found out my bestest friend had her offer accepted on a house! How exciting is that? I’m beyond excited for her taking this next step in her journey. It’s so great to see how things have finally turned for the better in her life and to see her happy. That’s the shit I do like.

Another good thing that happened was a conversation to put past things in the past and move forward positively which led to…. are y’all ready for this?


After two years, it’s time to get back to the chrome. I’m super excited to make those positive steps in my journey. I’m super grateful for everyone who supported and encouraged me to take those steps. I’ve felt like a big part of me has been missing over the past few years and I’m glad to feel full and free again.

I’m especially grateful for my husband. He is really one of the greatest people on the planet. He is supportive, patient, encouraging, understanding, caring, wonderful and all other positive adjectives. I don’t think I would have made those positive steps without him. He really helps me to be the happiest me I can be, whatever that entails. I really hope that all of you get to experience a love like this.

Sometimes I have a hard time believing that it’s legit… Like it’s unreal. He is my best friend. We laugh all the freaking time. There’s like no boundaries. We can be ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, we have arguments sometimes, but that’s okay. The important thing is: after we have an argument, we come back to it and resolve it. We are very honest and transparent about how we feel and what we need. It only helps things get better. It keeps building a stronger, more solid structure. I’m excited to see how our future grows. It’s gonna be pretty great.

I think that’s about it for now.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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