Day 111: the only way to do great work is to love what you do

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you have something to say, but nothing really comes to mind? I’m having one of those days. Today I feel like sharing, but I’m not really sure about what, exactly.

I had fun at work today. I like doing things for other people. To be more specific, I like doing absolutely ridiculous things for people to make them laugh or feel better.

We have weekly sales meetings and we always end with appreciations. Yesterday at our meeting, we appreciated our Head Decorator for always being so great and willing to help us determine pricing on our cake creations. As she is in production and not sales, she didn’t get to hear how awesomely helpful we think she is. So I told her. And I made her a Super Star! Complete with Super Mario font and everything. To me, she IS  a Super Star. You should have SEEN the shit she was putting out today. It’s AH-mazing! I can’t wait to take pictures.

Another decorator, tee hee, I turned in to Robocop. See, her nickname is Robbo. I had to. It was fate…. and totally worth it to hear her laugh and put it up on her station. Good stuff.

Stuff like that. I LOVE stuff like that. Silly little meaningful things that brighten someone’s day. I love that they are received so genuinely.

It’s lonely at the top, my friends.

At my BCBA study group yesterday, one of the ladies said, “You would be so great as an administrator.” While flattering, no thanks. Having been in management – it’s a lonely place. You can do the same things you did in your other position as a manager or administrator and, for whatever reason, it’s looked at COMPLETELY differently. It’s like we are conditioned to look… unfavorably upon the actions of our higher ups…. Which is sad because we are people too, you know? Cool people, most of the time, who just wanna do some cool shit and make some cool shit happen.

I don’t think many people recognize how many balls are in the air when you’re a manager. There are so many job tasks/responsibilities that aren’t seen or known and I guess, maybe, we don’t understand what we don’t see or know. Understandable. But it’s almost impossible to really lay out all of the responsibilities necessary in management. Pretty sure it would make some heads explode.

I did the same kinds of things I did today for my staff when I was in management. Most of the time it was highly scrutinized and the staff was skeptical – like “what is she going to want from us? what are we going to have to do now??” Smile, damnit. That’s all I was going for – to have a good day! You can’t force any one to see through their own fog, though. Ah well. That chapter is closed.

I really am happy to be where I am. I love what I do. I enjoy who I work with. I know I can be a little off the beaten path sometimes, but that’s okay. I really love seeing the creations come to life. There is something so exciting about having a vision in your head, putting it on paper, handing it to someone and seeing it brought to life… most of the time it’s even better than you initially imagined. It’s so cool. I get a little over-excited sometimes at work, hah. But that’s okay – better over excited than not at all, right? Totes.

Allright, I think that’s pretty good for today. I hope everyone is doing well out there in the interwebs-space.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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