Day 108: father’s day special

Today is Father’s day!

This is the first Father’s day the kids have spent where they have a Bonus Dad! Boy child picked out a special gift and very appropriate card for Kevin for his first Father’s day. We had donuts and coffee, saw Captain Underpants (which was HILARIOUS btw), had father’s day lunch at B-dubs, went grocery shopping, did “yard” work, and now we are about to fire up the grill for some tasty dinner.

As Kevin and I were pulling weeds in the driveway, we were talking about the new house and the vegetable garden. We both got REALLY excited about doing yard work in a (wait for it) YARD.


Novel idea, right? We spend so much time “gardening” the driveway, it’ll be nice to spend that time gardening an actual garden. A garden that will be full of veggies and herbs for our own consumption. I am SO excited to grow all the things. My god, we will save so much money on produce by growing our own, I’m super stoked. I’m also super stoked to go through this experience with Kevin. We have the same vision for what we want to do/see and we know some amazing people who have offered to help along the way. We are very fortunate to have such great people in our lives, really.

We are also super excited to set a new expectation for the kids at the new house. Since we will have a yard to actually be outside in, we will make them go (are you ready for this?) OUTSIDE. Cayden spends SO MUCH TIME inside and in front of a screen it’s so sad. He’s so reluctant to participate in outside things and part of that is the lack thereof. Conversely, Kaylee loves to be outside but doesn’t have enough to do out there. Now she’ll have more space and opportunity. I’m totally cool with her sneaking tomatoes from a garden as opposed to picking bits off of a fucking chicken bone someone decided to throw in our driveway (true story).


I’m so ready for the end of this year and what’s to come. I’m excited to do it with my wonderful husband who is the best Bonus Dad a lady could ever hope for. He’s everything that a person could ask for in a partner and a father-figure – he’s funny, caring, compassionate, understanding, active, fun and a plethora of other adjectives. So long as everything goes well, we will be spending his next Bonus Dad’s Day in a home of our own.

Fingers, eyes, toes, and legs crossed!

Happy Father’s Day to Dads, Step Dads, Soon-to-be-Dads and Moms pulling double duty as Dads and everything in between!

Thanks for stopping by.

I am most certainly glad you exist.


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