Day 106: the aftermath

aYesterday was a high anxiety day. All day I had trouble focusing. I couldn’t type. The letters would be there – but no where near the right order…. Just about every single time. It was a little frustrating. All I could think about was meeting up with the family after work to talk about the house.

Work went off without a hitch, of course.

I got to the house and the family was already there (with the baby!). Every time I see the baby I just wanna snatch him up – he’s the cutest thing. He’s so fun and happy and funny. He had us all cracking up with his little baby antics. I love watching people figure things out, it’s so great. I needed that dose of happy baby after spending all day as a hot anxious mess.

Then we talked to the family about our plan to buy the house after the wedding….

I don’t know what I was so worried about. Of course it was fine! Everyone was excited and supportive. They’re excited that the house will stay in the family and that we will be the ones coming in to the house. It helps just to officially hear, “Yeah, that’s cool – let’s do that.” Now it’s a matter of having the funds to do so. Our goal is to spend Christmas at the new house. But we know we can’t do it alone. Hopefully with the help of our family and friends, we can make it happen. We have to. Look at this yard!


Its a half acre. A HALF ACRE. Where the sun is shining is a garden – a vegetable garden. Could you even imagine, guys? Going from literally no yard to a half acre with a garden? We could compost. I could grow veggies and herbs. We could have legitimate parties and get-togethers. There is a railroad track behind everything, so one of the first orders of business is to put up a fence. We need to keep Kaylee and Pepper safe. Give them all the safe space to run around in. It’s a beautiful thing. Isn’t that amazing? That will be ours, so long as it all goes well.

Hopefully, come November, this little ray of sunshine will be ours.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.



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