Spoonful of Sugar: Red Week!

Hey interwebs!

So my dear friend and wellness coach has been challenging us to eat your “skittles”. In other words, eat the rainbow! She knows I’ve been on this Overnight Oats kick so she challenged me to incorporate the colors in to my overnight oats jars. Challenge: Accepted.

Since I’m an overachiever, I decided to incorporate the color in to ALL of my meal planning this week. Each week I’m going to focus on a different color and see what we find out. I’m pretty stoked about it! My family? Well… not as much BUT they love me enough to give things the ol’ college try ; )

So, for breakfast this week I decided to make two different kinds of jars: Strawberry & Raspberry.


Red Week

Look at them. All lined up like a pretty lil’ chorus line.

For the Strawberry Jars, I used: oats, vanilla almond milk, chocolate chips, almonds, brown sugar, cinnamon, strawberries and plain greek yogurt.

For the Raspberry Jars, I used: oats, vanilla almond milk, almonds, raspberries, ginger, honey, and plain greek yogurt.

I had toyed with the idea of doing apple, pomegranate, or cherry overnight oat jars. However, those fruits are HELLA expensive and I’m a broke mom with a family of five to feed. Raspberries was pushing it. I suppose I could do frozen berries and used some of the juice, now that I think about it. Maybe I’ll do that for blueberries.

I’ll be doing another post with the meal plan for the week so you can see how we’re incorporating more RED foods in to our meals ; )

Thanks for stopping by!

I am glad you exist.



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