Dash of Cayenne: Red Week!

Hello everyone!

This is actually my FIRST DOC! I’m super excited to share recipes with you all. Over the past few months, I have made things and almost immediately went, “Damnit! Should’ve taken a picture!” Well, I’ll get better at that ; )

So, in my previous Spoonful of Sugar I talked about this upcoming week being Red week. Generally we meal plan the week before, so doing four weeks out was a little weird for me. I’m willing to give it a go and see how it pans out!

What’s on the DOC for this week? Well, here’s this week’s plan:

Red Week

Should be some really tasty meals this week! I friggin’ love beets and maybe by the end of this week, the rest of my family can share the redded joy of deliciousness.

Okay, so you may be asking: why are there so many repeat offenders? Why are you only focusing on a FEW red items versus a LOT of red items?

Excellent questions and here are the answers:

First: Finances.

Second: Family taste buds.

When I’m meal planning and cooking, I have to think about what will the majority eat and how much will this all cost me? By focusing on a few red things, I can get a bunch and use the leftovers in subsequent meals. It generates less food waste. Even with leftovers, if we have a fair amount (from one serving to dear sweet god, I don’t have enough containers for the amount of servings) we will freeze them for future meals. Savin’ that almighty dollar.

I also have to think about the eaters. I freaking LOVE beets. Some of my family *like* pickled beets. There’s a slight difference in the level of affection for one of my favorite red veggies. However, they are open to trying different things. They know I make tasty things and have instilled enough trust in my abilities for this to be an okay project.

And let’s be serious: I’d still go through with it even if they WEREN’T okay with it. This is one way I’m super old school: I buy the groceries and I’m doin’ the cooking – I say what we are eating. Don’t like it? Buy and cook your own food. PHEH.

Take THAT.

Although, I actually take in to account what their suggestions are for the week. Boy and Man Children sat with me while I worked on the meal plan, so they are in from the beginning. I’m excited to post about the sheninigans as they transpire. Stay tuned for adventure!

Thanks for stopping by!

I am glad you exist.



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