Day 54: know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

I am sad.

I have a very heavy heart today.

I had to cancel the benefit.

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing daily like I used to. Since I’ve gone back to work, I have less time – which I suppose can be expected. There have been a lot of things happening over the past week, but right now I’m just consumed by the overwhelming sadness that goes along with cancelling the benefit.

I have to shake it and write a paper. Today’s the only day I have to get it done, so I need to focus.

Later today, I am meeting with one of my former consumers to take her shopping. She needs me to be mentally present so I need to focus.

Life goes on, right?


I’ll write more another day. Maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

I’m glad you exist.


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