Days 43-45: m.i.a.

Hello interwebs friends!

Yes, I am here. I am alive and well. I didn’t have some sort of crazy relapse or anything. I have lots of musings to catch ya’ll up on.

So, Melinda, what have you been up to?

Oh, you are too kind to ask.

Welp, let’s start with Thursday, day 43.

Originally, I was off. However, work was short a person so I volunteered to come in. I’m glad I did. I enjoy working there and look forward to it. I spend my days surrounded by positive & creative people. It’s astounding how it can effect your soul.

I look forward to waking up. I get excited and put make up on for work. I do my hair. I pick out fun sneakers.

Maybe that sounds like a given for your day or routine but over the past year? I was lucky if I even got out of bed. At this point, while I sit in my Owl onesie and type away, I think Eh, who gives a hoot. I am doing what makes me happy.


Doing what makes you happy takes a lot more work and is much more terrifying than you would think. I’m glad I went to the doctor 40-some odd days ago. It’s been on an upward trend ever since.

Once I finished my shift, I grabbed a sammich from our café (which was super effing good) and headed off to school.

Now that we are in the tail end of the semester it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: Presentation Time! Clearly, I love giving presentations. I have presented at a variety of Parent Groups and conferences. Public speaking and teaching is my jam! This isn’t really the case for others. After sitting through two hours of presentations with another four hours to come, I figured this would be a good time for:


First: Be excited!

Image result for snl cheerleaders

Radiate that positive energy. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about – it can be sales numbers, aromatherapy, organizational management – as long as you have genuine positive energy, you’ll sell it to the crowd.

Second: Show me whatcha GOT.

Image result for streaking banana

This is a two parter: (1)Keep the words on your slides to a minimum. If I wanted to read that much, I would find the articles myself. A presentation is for YOU to TELL ME about the topic. (2) Pictures always win. The funnier (but appropriate), the better.

Third: PRACTICE before you preach.

Image result for michael scott meeting

Some of the most common issues with presentations? TIME and WORDING. The ways to eliminate those 20 minute turned hour presentations is to PRACTICE your content. EDIT your content. PRACTICE your speech and potential questions. Do we look like weirdos when we are talking to ourselves for 20 minutes straight? Yes. Does the above gif capture how your audience is feeling as each minute passes by? SWEET GOLDEN FLEECY BABY JESUS, YES.

Fourth: Let’s get Physical.

Image result for let's get physical gif

ENGAGE your audience. Get up, move around, work in pairs or groups for part of the time. This not only takes the pressure off of you to figure out how to fill time, but it breaks up the presentation, gives you a break, and incorporates learning opportunities for your audience members.

When you follow those four hints friends, you’re money, baby.

Hopefully those help you in the future ; D
Now onto Friday, day 44.
Pretty simple, not much to report here. I went to work, took an incredible number of cake orders, then worked out at home. Originally I was going to go to silks BUT since I worked and knew that Saturday was gonna be B-A-N-A-N-A-S, I opted for the at home workout. I mentioned in a previous post that I would hold myself accountable here on this forum.
My current objective for April 9-15 is: Exercise 30 min/day for 3 x’s/week
My total number of work outs this week: 2
Did I meet my objective for the week? No.
Am I going to try again next week? You bet your sweet ass I will!
To give you an idea of my analytic brain, here is a picture of my plan for the three week chunk:

It’s pretty easy to see what I did here. The last week is blank because I don’t have that work schedule yet. I’ll fill it it/adjust once I get it. I hope this makes sense. I’m not weighing myself until the end of the chunk. I don’t want to get bogged down each week by what meager progress is being made (because I know how this and my brain works). I’m going to keep tracking my progress with exercising and making healthier eating choices. Being back at work helps out A LOT with eating habits. So that rules.


Onward to today, day 45.

Today started out pretty all right. I woke up, got dressed, put some fun makeup on, did fun braids, got everything together and went on my merry way to work.

I was driving along, singing along to whatever random pop song was on the radio when out of my peripheral vision I see something on my steering wheel. Thinking it was just a reflection of light, I initially did a quick glance at my steering wheel and ended up doing a double take. Why? Because a lovely white spider decided to be my friend while I was driving to work.

So, okay, time out right here: I. don’t. like. bugs. I’m okay with ants, bees, flies, and even some spiders so long as they are not touching me or close to my person. If it has more than eight legs?

Image result for nope gif

I wouldn’t let the octopus touch me either. Just saying.

Time back in: so I after my mini freak out and remembering I AM DRIVING, I quick look for something to smush it with. DAMNIT, WHY DID I JUST CLEAN OUT MY CAR?! I took my gum container and put it over my new unexpected friend while I tried to find a napkin. So I’m moving the gum cup around while keeping the bottom on my steering wheel covering the spider till AHA! NAPKIN! I get ready, take some prep breaths, lift the cup and….

It’s gone.

It’s GONE.

Like…. DISAPPEARED, gone. Not gone because I smushed it but my unexpected arachnid friend evaded me.


So I said a quick prayer to the Tuxedo shirt wearing Jesus to get me to work safely and calmly. Rock star Jesus came through.

That spider is still in my car.

Other than that the bakery was super busy as expected with the holiday tomorrow. The other new girl started and she is super nice. I’m really excited to learn more next week and as time goes on. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be. It feels so good.

I believe that brings us up to date. I hope you all have been doing well and have been experiencing at least a little bit of sweetness in your life.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.



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