Day 41: back in the saddle

Today was my first day at my new job and I have to say…

Image result for OMG I LOVE IT

Seriously! I do! I love the creative environment, the pace, the friendly atmosphere, the sugar and coffee – it’s wonderful! Everyone was super excited to see I was back and a part of the team. There were so many smiles and laughs all day. I even had a four way (with cupcake sharing, that is). Good stuff.

Kevin and I will be heading to a mandatory fun thing in a little bit. I’ve planned all day to have a stout and eat some tasty tiramisu. Om nom nom.

I have my overnight oats and salad jars set for the rest of the week, my hair is relatively freshly purpled, I get quarter cups of Intelligentsia coffee at work and I got some awesome new shoes to boot. Life is pretty damned great today.

Oh! Also!

So those SOS Easter Cupcakes? WELL. I made my Mom take one dozen to work with her yesterday. See, we don’t need two and a half dozen cupcakes just hanging out around the house. Why is that? Because if there are two and a half dozen cupcakes just hanging around the house, two and a half cupcakes are gonna go in to our bellies. And, well, that’s just a little unnecessary. SO off and away with Mom they went.

Today she sat down at dinner and said I have an order for you. What? Dr ***** said after her son graduates, she wants you to make her cupcakes. That’s awesome! Which kind of cupcakes?? THOSE cupcakes! She said the flavor was amazing!

That’s pretty dope! How exciting is that?? I’m tellin’ ya – I love baking, I do it with love, and it shows. You can literally taste the difference. Wonderful!

Well, time to emancipate Girl Child from her sea of Bubbles and head on out to Trivia with my Mustachioed Man.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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