Day 40: goals and objectives

Last night I received a phone call. It was one of the consumers from my now former position. When I heard her voice, I started to cry. I was so happy to hear her voice. She is one of the handful of people that I want to continue looking after. I’m excited to call her later today, speak with her, see how she is doing and make some plans. Maybe I’ll take her shopping or something, not sure. I’ll see what she would like to do and go from there.

This is one of the ways where it’s on MY terms.

There is a vast difference between being required to have relationships and advocate for others than choosing to.

Speaking of choosing, I start my new job tomorrow! I’m excited and anxious. It’s such a good step in the right direction. Kevin and I have plans for the semi-distant future. This is one the beginning steps.

Speaking of beginning steps, I created a workout plan for myself. My overall goal is to workout 60 minutes/day for 5x’s a week by October 1st. If I stay on track and do a pretty okay job, I could lose 24 pounds. If I do super awesome, I could lose 48 pounds. I’ll start including that progress too. Right now I weigh in at 197. Positive encouragement is always welcome! My objective for the next three weeks is to work out for 30 minutes/day for 3x’s a week. Gotta start somewhere, right?

So let’s see, my goals:

Be happy at work.

Exercise regularly and get back to my happy weight (like 150ish).

Move in to a house with a yard.

Be more present.

I think that about does it. Oh, and get married to the love of my life. That one’s already a shoe-in and I can. not. wait. ; )

Thanks for stopping by today, friend.

I am glad you exist!


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