Day 39: gratitude and humility

I woke up this morning to a message on my phone from an old friend:

Hey Melinda- I hope this finds you taking on another day with Cayenne Pepper and Spunk and a Spoonful of Sugar… I’m lovin’ your blog and thank you for sharing your journey with frankness and realness. One of my friends sells Lularoe and she got a special outfit for Autism Awareness and she took nominations for winners. I thought of you! and well You won! I know you will put this outfit to good use whether it’s rockin’ it yourself or maybe using it for Speak to Me as a prize. You never cease to amaze me with your courage and spunk! If you don’t mind sending me your address… I’ll forward it to ***** and she’ll send you the outfit! Hoping great things for you and so excited for you in the months ahead as you take on more of your journey as an advocate not only for your kids but for others and as you get married  Continue to rock on my friend and spread joy!
I’m clearly not a person to typically be at a loss for words, but it left me speechless and humbled. She had sent a screenshot of what she said to nominate me and, again, I am speechless and humbled. I am grateful.
As I have continued to write this blog, more and more people have come to me with the struggles and successes. Each message touches my heart. While I started posting for my own self-care after The Meltdown, I could not be happier that others feel less alone. That others take solace and comfort in knowing – it’s not just you.
My kids really are my life and reason for living. I would like to think that, without them, I would continue to fight for my survival but I don’t know that that is true. They are the reason I get up and fight – both for my self, for them, and others.
My friend’s message again showed me that you never really know who is reading or watching. In a good way. Thank you, my friend, for nominating me. Thank you, my friend, for thinking so highly of me and sharing my story. Thank you, my friend, for your support and love. It means more than I can say.
Thanks for stopping by, everyone.
I am most certainly glad you exist.

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