Day 38: inside and out

Man child has dumpster duty, so Mom child and I had Boy and Girl child duty today.

Boy child came with me to grab meds for the large dog shaped fur child, then to the post office. We grabbed a box then back home so I could talk with my friend and owner of Krew Wellness! Meghan is a lovely lady with a passion for helping others get their lives back on track. I am so glad I had the time to speak with her and utilize her strengths and knowledge for my own journey to wellness.

Once the call was finished, we ate some lunch, then Boy child and I went back to the post office and snuck away for a secret two scoop Saturday sundae at Gayety’s. ; ) When we got home, we decided to take Pepper on a walk.

We started walking and got about a block away when Boy child goes: Mommy, do you think I need to lose weight? I asked him: why do you ask that? Do you feel you need to lose weight? He then proceeded to tell me that his friends told him if he, in the future of course, wants to be in a relationship that he needs to lose weight because girls don’t really like chubby guys.

Those little punk ass kids don’t know shit. Chubby bearded dudes are in like Flint. Dumb.

That’s not what I told him, of course,  I had my safe-person mom hat on. He was actually sharing things with me, which is a rarity. My Mom is usually his safe person. He tells her freaking everything. That’s fine with me – I know she will tell him what’s what… as opposed to these other little guttersnipes.

I asked him how he felt about himself – you know, do you think you’re an ugly kid? do you think you need to lose weight? do you feel good about yourself? He said Well, sometimes I look in the mirror and think I’m ugly, but most of the time no. You think I look good, right mom? I said Of course I do! I think you’re a good lookin’ kid. Inside AND outside, Mom?

That caught me off guard.

Yes, bud. INside AND OUTside. I said I think you are a very kind, funny, smart, imaginative and caring kid. You look like me, so you KNOW you’re a good lookin’ kid. Plus, it’s important how YOU feel about you. People are going to say mean things to you your whole life. The important thing is not let it get you. Remind yourself that I’m a good lookin’ kid and you’re mean for trying to make me feel differently; I don’t want to be your friend and leave it at that.

He told me that he handles those situations like a man.

Oh really? Like a man? What does that mean?

He said I turn around and walk away.

He is such a good kid. I’m so proud of him. Yes, he’s obnoxious. Yes, he can talk for twenty minutes straight about Teen Titans Go without pausing for breath or response. Yes, he can fly off the handle and make you want to be like Jean Claude Van Damme at the end of Bloodsport. BUT, nonetheless, I am proud of him. I am proud of him for sharing how he is feeling and what he is thinking. I am proud of him for owning his weirdness and handling things “like a man.” I am proud of him for being a good lookin’ kid – inside and out. ; )



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