Day 37: tick tock tick tock

I had a hard time waking up this morning. I have an overall feeling of anxiety today. I think it may be because the benefit is looming closer, my brother-in-law is undergoing surgery for a biopsy today, my fiancé’s work still hasn’t given him his raise, I’m about to start my new job soon, classes are wrapping up and I need to complete that work, and probably some other things that I just can’t seem to focus on.

I did yoga first thing this morning to try and work out some of the anxious energy. It did a little bit, but not enough. The only thing I can focus on right now is the ticking of the clock on the wall and I can hear the timer for the lamp running. I hear a lot of things. It’s hard to block things out some times.

I’ve come a long way over the past five weeks. I realize that, for those of you just tuning in, you didn’t get to see the beginning. I’m going to do a post with all of the beginning posts that I did on Facebook. I think it’s important to see where you’ve come from to appreciate where you are now and to motivate you to where you are going.

Today, I am going to finish the episode I’m watching, write my paper, and go to silks class. I also have to call the vet for Pepper’s meds. Tomorrow, I will pick up those meds, go to the post office, talk with a friend on the phone, spend time with the fam. I need to get new shoes, too.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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