Day 36: color, class & cakes

I love getting my hair done. Really, what’s not to love about it? I get to spend time with one of my gal pals, get a little pampered, and come out freshly purpled. It’s lovely! The process always lends itself to fun selfies too. See Exhibit A:


Gettin’ them roots done, uuuuuhhhnn. Like a bossette (do people even use that term any more?). Salon time also means reading time. I’ve been gorging on Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith with intermittent Neuroscience for Dummies chapters sprinkled throughout. My friend and stylist turned me on to black coffee with a shot of coconut in it today. LOVE. It was wonderful to sit, read, and enjoy a tasty cup ‘o joe. See Exhibit B:


Good stuff, I tell ya.

Pretty soon I’ll head up the eway yet again; this time for class. Only a few weeks to go! So close! Then it’s exam time. dun dun dun…. dun dun.

That sums up the color and class part of this entry title, but what’s that about cakes?

Did I make a cake today? Nope.

Will I make a cake in the near future? Nope.

Did I eat cake today? Well, if you count the leftover Oreo Parfait I just snarfed down for “sustenance,” then yes.

What is this “cake” business all about?!

I am very excited to announce that I have accepted a position as a Cake Consultant/Sales at Creative Cakes! I start next week. I can’t fully put in to words how excited I am about this opportunity. It feels good to say I’m going back to the bakery. I’m ready to be in a creative environment, work with people, be responsible for only my self, and learn… everything, really. So have a little bit of sweetness today to celebrate this exciting step forward with me!

Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist!


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