Day 32: electric boogaloo

I have now officially crossed over in to month two post Meltdown.

It’s weird. I’ve been a little irritable today and can’t quite put my finger on why. Not much has happened today: slept in, woke up, had delicious coffee, ate cheese fries for lunch, played video games most of the day… Nothing major, just irritable. Oh well.

I finished Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business yesterday. It was a really good read! Very simple strategies, easy to follow. As with anything: if you want it, you have to put the energy and focus behind it. You truly can do anything you want to, so long as you focus and work towards your goal(s).

This path month I have had quite a bit of time to contemplate… About where I have come and where I am going. I have accomplished a lot of pretty amazing things and I’m not that old, really. 32 isn’t old in the grand scheme of things. I mean, hey, I’ve got a master’s degree, I won the inaugural Miss Congeniality at NAPDC in 2014, studied advocacy and special education law at William & Mary, held Speak to Me: A Pole Benefit for Autism for three consecutive years (next show is April 29th, don’t miss it!), presented at statewide conferences regarding goal writing, birthed two au-some children and am about to have a dope ass wedding to the most handsomest of dudes. I guess I’m not doing too bad.

I have always felt that I am supposed to live a life of servanthood… and to do something great. I just never knew what. I have big dreams and big visions for the future and I feel like the many paths I have ventured along thus far are starting to narrow on to a single pathway.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Thanks for stopping by, friend.

I am glad you exist.


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