Day 31: out in public

It’s still sinking in that I have been out of work for a month because of my Meltdown. I’m glad I went to the doctor though. I’m feeling a little bit better overall.

Today, my fiance and I went to good ol’ Swap-O-Rama. You have to wonder: how many of those are really fronts for some illegal shenanigans? I used to go with my Grandpa when I was a kid. I loved that place – it was like the world’s​ largest garage sale… Now it smells like patchouli and body odor with some of the world’s finest people watching. We almost saw a fight while we were there too. However, being the good citizens we are, we kept walking. Being the good citizens other people are, they stopped and got their phones out to record. 

Ah, technology. 

Recording fights at a swap meet is totally what camera phones were created for, right? Maybe I missed the memo on that one.

Speaking of camera phones and pictures, I went to silks class again yesterday. Look at what I can do!

It’s​ a little dark, but you get the gist. I am so glad my friend brought me along with her last week… And that my fiance and Mom encouraged me to go. It has helped me in a few ways:

A) I get out of the house

B) I am being physically active

C) I spend time with people *gasp!* But most of that time is with my bestest gal pal, so that rules

D) it builds confidence; when you see someone do a cool move, then try it and succeed – it’s an awesome feeling. Even cheering for others, it’s a beautiful thing.

Let’s see… What else happened today… We went to Pete’s Fresh Market (which is a diamond in the rough, a mecca for foodies, so many tasty things!), had some Raising Cane’s for lunch, took the fur child on a walk, ate some more tasty things, finished reading Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business (super good and behavior based tactics, hey hey!), posted about STM17, and have been slowly chipping away towards 100% on Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, because I’m an adult. ; )

Well, back to gaming I go. Thanks for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.


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