Day 26: brick by brick

This week Boy Child is on spring break. What to do with a child that has high functioning Autism for a whole week? Well, I’m certainly glad you asked. Here is day one.

One of the things our family loves to do is build Lego sets. In preparation for this week, Boy Child and I went to our local Target store to scour the aisles for a Spring Break Project.

Now, let me tell you, we have Legos at home… LOTS of Legos… Enough Legos to fill up one of these bad boys (found at your local IKEA) AND a giant plastic bucket AND a rolling cart with shelves AND another small bookcase AND a couple of tables ANNNNDDD I think you get the picture. We have Legos.

Boy Child is constantly drawn to the idea of battles, wars, and being an overlord with minions at his disposal. He loves to cross over characters in to different worlds and see who shall REIGN THE DAAAYY!!! At least until after dinner and the next battle begins.

SO, Melinda, what do you get the Lego-loving Lad who has it all???

The answer is pretty simple, really. See, we already have The Lion CHI Temple from Chima and the Temple of Airjitsu from Ninjago, so how else could you have a battle for supremacy without a tie-breaking third party?

Enter: this bad mamma jamma right here

Image result for jestros volcano lair

Jestro’s Volcano Lair



We began building the set this afternoon and got through 3 out of the 8 bags. By *we* I mean, this is what usually ends up happening:

“Mom, I’ll help build!”  *Builds people from first bag* Proceeds to play with people while I build the rest of the entire set.

It’s not a bad deal, really. We put music on, sing along, and he grabs whatever pieces accidentally pop off and fly across the room (which, if you’ve ever built a Lego set, you know how often that happens). At the end of the whole experience, you have a new toy that provides innumerable hours of imaginative play. Legos are pretty awesome.

Whenever I build with Legos, I can’t help relating it to the life experience.

At the start, you have these bags full of pieces. Some of the bags have a handful of big pieces while most of the others have hundreds of tiny little pieces. Tiny little pieces that roll off the table and find that spot on the floor that you’re going to walk on with bare feet and curse the day you ever bought that damned set in the first place. Tiny little pieces that make you infuriated after the tips of your fingers begin to get calloused from building with them. Tiny little pieces that force you to get down and dirty with building and can cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture. Tiny little pieces that, after you’ve completed the building task and can finally sit back to stretch for a minute, have turned in to something much cooler and functional than you thought they would.

That’s how I feel about life right about now. This period of time has just been another bag of pieces for my set. I’ve been taking every day step by step, brick by brick. Sometimes, whether we are building with Legos or going about our lives, we think we know what the next few steps are, so we build ahead. Then we take a look and realize, we may have missed a few steps or made some errors… so you have to break it down, start the sequence over and build it the right way. The structure and YOU end up stronger and are ready to move forward with building.

In the end, when you can sit back and take a look at your work, you see how all the tiny little pieces have turned in to something much cooler and functional than you thought they would. You are a pretty awesome set in this world. One of a kind exclusive.

Thank you for stopping by.

I am glad you exist.



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