Challenge Drawings

Hey party people! Happy Monday!

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that I have been doing a drawing challenge a day*.  While I have been posting them on my personal Facebook, I haven’t been posting them here for the Blogosphere to witness the greatness!** Similarly to the daily writing posts, I think I’m going to start posting my drawings here too.

One of the great things about the internet is the ability to connect with people from all over. You can be involved in a certain community and engage with people across the globe that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to, unless you had the internet.

So please feel free to comment and provide some constructive criticism. I generally draw with mechanical pencils. For whatever reason, I have a comfort level with them. And I generally don’t do anything in color. I’m posting the pictures from Day 1 of drawing (March 15th) to current. Enjoy!

*ok, so maybe it’s not every day, but it has definitely been most days

**ok… soooo maybe they aren’t great, but they are definitely showing progress and are mostly therapeutic.



03.15.17 The first picture I drew and posted. Once people saw this, they began to write different things to draw. Challenge: Accepted.


03.16.17 Challenge Accepted: MegaSwampert Pokémon from George K.


03.17.17 Challenge Accepted: Macho Mustache Man from Marc & Kevin (my fiancé)


03.20.17 Challenge Accepted: Sentient Cupcake from Marc


03.21.17 Challenge Accepted: Beer Label Art for Kleks Klout Kamchaka Stout (this underwent only some minor changes before being handed off for digitizing and color work)



03.22.17 Challenge Accepted: A Grumpy Old Loaf from John D.


03.27.17 Challenge Accepted: RuPaul from Myself (because who doesn’t love RuPaul?)



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