Day 21: baby steps

I went back to the doctor today. She recommended therapy as the next step and presented the option of intensive outpatient or individual therapy. I kind of freaked out at the idea of doing IOP, not that it’s a bad thing – I don’t want to give that impression. IOP is super helpful and I’ve seen how much it has helped some of the people I know. I chose individual therapy. She kind of made an unspoken deal with me: I start this new med and see her again in two weeks. My first therapy will be in two weeks, right before I see her. If the combination of meds and therapy isn’t producing the results she would like to see, then IOP it is for me.

In other news, Kaylee has finally caught the 100 day forever cold that Cayden has been plagued with. I picked her up and the poor thing looks like death. I brought up the comfy, cozy, sick comforter and got her set up in the “sick spot”. She is happily cocooned with Monster watching VeggieTales, intermittently spewing massive amounts of snot all over her face as a sick child does.

I have to try and get some research done before boy child comes home. Not sure if I’ll get to draw today. In other, other news, I have been reading Ready Player One. It’s really good! It’s like… next level nerddom from me, but I know enough to follow it effectively. A good chunk of you would really enjoy it. I’m about 1/3 of the way through it, so I’ll let you know the overall review when I’m done.

Off and away to the rest of Wednesday.


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