Day 20: choices, everybody’s got ’em

I can’t find any more freaking mechanical pencils in my whole freaking house, so drawing is put on hold till I can get some more…. So, tomorrow. ; ) I tried drawing with a regular pencil, but it’s definitely not even close to the same for me. Which STINKS because I have all these ideas swirling around and I want to put it on paper. Grr. Soon enough.

It has been nice to look and feel like a human being lately. That may sound odd, but when you get so overwhelmed, it’s so easy to lose sight of who and what you are… For months, it’s been wake up, get through the day, try to sleep, rinse and repeat. I didn’t care what I looked like or what I wore, I was just trying to survive.

My skin took a huge hit from stress. I began developing dry patches of skin all over my body. I had a dry patch on my eye lid that was dark red and itchy. I had huge patches of severe dryness all over my scalp… It’s embarrassing to admit that I had scabs on my scalp. I had to wear a hat almost all the time to cover them. When I told my supervisor about them, she didn’t seem to care.

I can’t work in that kind of stressful environment. I’ll find something else. Hopefully soon.



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