Day 9: gettin’ shit done

Okay so yesterday was REALLY difficult to get through. I was dragging ass on the struggle bus all day. However, Kevin was really helpful in game planning the day and working with me to make sure I did things, like getting out of the house. Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t get everything on my to do list completed and that’s ok. I moved them over to today and have completed most of it.

I got a late start to the day because I slept but clearly my body needed it, otherwise I wouldn’t have. Getting the right amount of sleep makes a big difference in your productivity level. Today I have had more energy and motivation to get shit done.

One exciting development is in regards to Kaylee’s device. We started this whole process back in… freaking June? July? of last year. She trialed the device in October and was super successful. Since then, we have been waiting and waiting and waiting…. and waiting……. aannnnddd waiting for a word on the reimbursement from insurance. I called the insurance company today and she literally had just gotten off the phone with the device company. Things are getting closer and closer to her actually having a device. Keep everything crossed that she will get it soon!

I appreciate everyone’s support to get through yesterday. I also really appreciate everyone who has been messaging and sharing their stories and struggles with me. Although you are not sharing those stories and struggles publicly, I understand how difficult it can be to simply share your life with another person. There is always that fear of rejection and judgement that comes with allowing yourself to be vulnerable. So, truly, I appreciate all of you, your support, and your life experience.

I am glad you exist. ❤


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