Day 8: staying motivated

I am hitting a wall today. HARD. Getting up this morning was difficult. Getting motivated to start the items on my to do list is difficult. Not falling back asleep is difficult. I’m not riding the struggle bus today, I’m driving it.

I have to get things done today. I have to go get my new med. I have to make calls regarding Kaylee’s device. I have to get my schoolwork done. I have to do a variety of other things.

Ugh. That is my sentiment for today. Struggling. Trying to ward off the ups and downs and just get through the day…. and it’s only 830. Oh boy, today is going to be a long one.

I haven’t solidified the routine enough to just cruise on auto pilot. It’s still in the development phase where I really need to make sure I push myself to do it. These are the days that really count. Searching for motivation to overcome the struggle.

Asking for positivity and encouragement today.


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