Day 4: an unexpected visitor

You know, i don’t much believe in coincidence but rather in fate. Things happen for a reason when they are supposed to happen.

Today i had an unexpected visitor show up at the door. A wonderful, friendly, familiar face. One that reminded me of fun and freedom. One that reminded me of dancing carelessly in the park and daring to make the decisions that meant a better, healthier me. One that reminded me of who I am, was, and need to get back to being – confident, secure, fun and free.

One that reminded me I love to dance and move and that freedom comes from movement wherever you are… And that I really do have people that care about me from far away, even when they have no idea what has been going on. And that I have dreams and goals still bigger than myself and that, hopefully, someday will come to fruition. And that I am so grateful for the people I have in my life who support and love me, like my mom and Kevin. Really, I am. It’s hard to get through this life without support

I appreciate everyone who has been reaching out to me during this time and have been following the Chronicles of Nina. I hope you all know how much it means to me and to know that I am there for you too (even though I’m a little broken right now). Thank you.


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