Day 2: catching up on some zzz’s

What a difference sleeping through the night makes. For two nights in a row!

I have never really been pro sleeping pills. I always just figured when your body is exhausted enough, you would rest. That’s clearly not the case. You can be exhausted and stressed and still not sleep.

You lay there and you replay the day in your head. What happened, decisions you made, things you could’ve or should’ve done differently, what you didn’t get done, what needs to get done and the snowball effect it has on your self esteem and confidence. And before you know it, the alarm is going off, your head is pounding and you have to get up and do it all again

Even without work to think about, there is still a long ass list of stuff to get done – home work, house work, self work, etc. Thankfully my family is great and have been taking care of my usual morning duties – getting Doods ready and on the bus, taking Cayden to school, etc. – so that I can catch up on my sleep.

Today I will go to the grocery store so I can make Kevin’s birthday party pot luck dessert and go to said pot luck dinner. I will make my list of school to-dos so I know what I need to focus on there. I will save my home to dos for another day. I want to set the small goal for myself of getting out of the house once a day, either to run an errand, go for a drive, take pepper on a walk or something else. I dont want to get too comfy staying in the house.


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